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Joanna Bristow

Joanna Bristow has been designing jewellery and handicrafts for more than 20 years.

After graduating with a degree in graphic design from London in the early 1980s, Joanna began her career as a designer for African Heritage, the Kenyan Art gallery that popularised African arts and crafts in the 1980s. Joanna collaborated with African craftsmen for 3 years while overseeing Alan Donovan’s development department.

During the 1990s Joanna was an independent designer and consultant in the working in Africa, the Middle East and India on projects for the European community and NGOs. Typical of her work during this period was a project for the Gemini Trust, where she helped silversmiths in Ethiopia to develop a range of jewellery that incorporated traditional designs and techniques that would appeal to a Western market.

вторник, 3 апреля 2012 г.

The silver jewellery market after the price boom

The jewellery industry is starting to recover its balance after the shock of a tense year spent watching escalating silver price charts. The mission to promote silver as a luxury product in 2011 was successful, but Rachael Taylor revisits the market to discover what lasting effects the price spike has left on the silver jewellery business as we push into 2012.
Last year the jewellery industry was faced with what some at the time felt would be mission impossible: transforming consumers’ perception of silver jewellery from giftware fodder into luxury goods. Difficult, perhaps. Impossible, no.

понедельник, 2 апреля 2012 г.

Jenne Rayburn

... and dreamer. But, I do not want to be defined by titles, background or my last collection. I let my vision define me. For me the creative process is about making connections; reconsidering, remixing and reimagining what is possible. Take, for example, the flip-flop and the lace-up sandal – one a product of eastern culture, one of western culture; two unique and resilient solutions to the question of what to slip on your feet. There are so many ways to solve a problem; so many possibilities to explore!

I grew up in the farming country of southeastern Washington State, characterized by National Geographic as "A Paradise called the Palouse". This early influence created a lifelong love of folk art and indigenous arts and crafts. I learned to value nature, heritage, storytelling and the elegance of simplicity. I also had the advantage of lots of personal freedom, the safety of a small community and solitude. More than a designer, these influences have made me a design thinker. Design is my world view; I use design as a thought process to solve all kinds of problems, from crafting beautiful earrings to designing dynamic and complex buildings.

My work is a reflection of the world around me, experienced every day - with my family, in nature, in my travels, and in architecture. I love to travel, and to meet people and hear their stories. I am fascinated by the shape, color and simplicity of a beach stone, a tree branch or a landscape, by ethnic and traditional handicrafts and textiles, by worn brass door-knockers on peeling paint and old wrought iron gates in hand laid stone walls, and by vintage toys and mobiles, just to name a few things! It all serves as inspiration. When I am dreaming, sketching and designing I draw on this stimulation to influence, motivate and reveal, evolving inspiration into tangible new ideas.

Each resulting piece is created to be inspiring, to be delightful, and to be enjoyed!

воскресенье, 13 ноября 2011 г.

Bojt Studio

We are a studio of artisans, specializing in the Scandinavian tradition of bending wood. Our niche is fine art rings for people who appreciate unmatched craftsmanship and the subtle nuance of a natural material… everyday!

Our rings are handmade in the bentwood tradition. Each ring is unique and with proper care will last for generations. The natural oils of the wood are extracted and replaced with a polymer which preserves the wood, while greatly increasing its natural strength. Each ring is then shaped by hand to reveal the unique beauty of the wood.

Upon completion, each ring is hand polished and carefully inspected before it is sent to you. You will be pleased!

среда, 26 октября 2011 г.

Lucas Rarities

At Lucas Rarities we aim to deliver timeless and unique pieces with our bespoke service. To enquire about a particular item on the website or to arrange a viewing, please contact us

Through our expertise and ability to source individual pieces, we are able to provide a tailored consultation service for clients wishing to begin or expand their collection. We would be delighted to answer any of your queries.

Sam Loxton F.G.A

Since beginning his career at Christie's Auctioneers Sam has worked extensively with antique jewellery, before joining Lucas Rarities as manager in 2007. Having trained as a gemmologist with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Sam brings a varied and exceptional background in sourcing fine pieces of period jewellery.

Sophie Stevens

Sophie joined Lucas Rarities as Sam’s assistant in 2009, after working for a PR company in Beijing. She is currently training as a gemmologist.

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Within the very nature of Alfieri & St.John there has always been the pleasure of surprise. A surprise that fascinates and shows itself with a versatile personality and an unmistakable style, able to perceive and anticipate fashions, to transform them into a precious and luminous object that makes you fall in love and excites you. Thanks to this fascinating creative vitality, the Alfieri & St.John brand has known how to conquer a prestigious role in the area of the jewellery craft, responding to, as no-one else, the profound desire of the demanding modern woman that loves to change and to wear unique jewellery of an exclusive personality.

From the Alfieri & St.John creations an absolutely unique style emerges, in which the forms, solutions and originality always find an extraordinary and surprising way of being represented. It is the new that is re-born every day, that transforms itself and develops itself through up-to-date collections, and intriguing and distinct creative lines: surprising in the design, fascinating in the materials used and for the talent within the craft. This is the Alfieri & St.John style: “a style that proposes new styles”, that introduces diverse collections, different price ranges and instant-proposal. A creative energy that everyday offers the client all that which is fashionable and all that which jewellery craft can offer at that moment. A vitality of proposals that few other brands can boast.